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Our buttonhole flower: the box.

It is strong, of substance, always different and personalized. It's with this characteristic that the BMB's box comes up to the touch and to the sight. A package studied in the minimal details, an adaptable subject/object that can value as its contents. The box is worked for commission, the classic one carries out to the functionality in the same way that to the appearance: strong, colored, on the BMB's package the client can see printed the realization of every kind of his ideas.

From the mold to the color, from the dimension to the lettering or other iconography, the target is that one to disclose merit and customer's identity. Sober lines, appearance to design, the BMB communicates what the client wants to communicate, making innovations, standing out or developing its own brand. Suitable for every sector the box supplies to satisfy every necessity about jewelry, trinket, fashion, wine, praline, perfumes, soaps. It can be polish, opaque, colored according to the pantone palette: the client chooses the shade that he prefers most. The employed paper weighs 115 gr and it can be polish, opaque, embossed.