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1 colour and silkscreen




Minimum quantity for "1 colour and silkscreen" is 500.

Bottom-lid two pieces box with 1 colour offset printing and transparent silkscreen on opaque plastic coated paper.
Size: 8x8x3 cm
  • Carta Patinata Opaca
    The coated paper is obtained by spreading on its entire surface a coating formed by a set of chemical pigments and binders. In this way the printed colors stand out more. For this reason, the coated paper is used for jobs where it is required the best color results The choice between glossy or opaque coating is strictly personal. The opaque finish gives a soft velvety aspect, more natural and very elegant.
  • Offset
    Offset printing is a indirect planographic printing process (referred to the particular printing system that uses flat matrices typical of phototypy and lithography), which is based on the phenomenon of repulsion between water and greasy substances (specifically inks).
  • Serigrafica
    It is a printing technique that uses today as matrix a polyester fabric stretched over a frame of wood or metal, defined as the silk-screen frame or silk-screen loom. The fabric used is also defined fabric for silk-screen printing or silk-screen fabric.

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