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"Stardream silver" paper




Minimum quantity for ""Stardream silver" paper" is 500.

Bottom-lid two pieces box of "stardream silver" paper with micro etched hot embossed printing.
Necklace size: 16x16x4 cm
Ring size: 5x4x3 cm
Bracelet size: 23x4,5x2,5 cm
  • Carta Speciale
    Papers with embossed and/or patterned finish (the Florentine lily card for example)
  • a Caldo
    Hot printing is a direct web-fed printing system, in which the transfer of the contrast element is obtained with the combined effect of pressure, heat and speed of detachment.
  • in Rilievo
    The embossed printing is a printing technique that is practiced with the impression of colorless and protruding images on the paper surface. The impression is obtained by compressing the sheet between a cantilever punch and a sunken one: clichés and counterfoil. The reliefs can be divided into: Emboss (raising) and Deboss (lowering).

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