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How to request a quotation

Choose Products

Choose the desired product by browsing the Categories Menu at the top (for example: Boxes, Coordinated, etc..). All categories have also more specific subcategories to help you in the choice (for example, inside Boxes you can choose: Two pieces, Three pieces, etc..). You can continue to explore and move between the various category pages to find the article right for you. From the category pages you can enter the individual Product Tabs which give you all the necessary details including detailed photos, product composition, size, etc.. to facilitate the choice.

You can also choose your product using the search engine (at the top you also have at your disposal a space where you can enter search terms of your interest, for example: box with wire, exhibitor, etc.. ).

Once you have chosen your desired product and after you select any options (if necessary) and quantity, click on "Add to Quotation".

Do the same for all the items that you want in the quotation.

Go to the page Quotation by clicking on the top right on the cart and click on "Proceed with the quotation" to start the procedure.


The procedure for requesting the quotation is very simple too:

  1. Choose whether to proceed with the quotation as an anonymous user, or to register on the site, or enter your login credentials (in case you are already registered).
  2. Enter your details (if you had not previously registered) such as name, surname, email address, address.
  3. In the shipping methods enter any additional information or requirements and click on NEXT.
  4. In the payment methods, click on NEXT.
  5. Check the summary of the quotation and end the procedure clicking on "SEND REQUEST".

If You Need Help, Contact Us!

You can contact us at our customer service number +39 055 872 5421 (Mon - Fri from 9.00am to 6.00pm).

You can also order by phone at the same number.

Or contact us by email: click here