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Glossy plastic coating




Minimum quantity for "Glossy plastic coating" is 1500.

Customized shopper with text, logo and colours, four-colour printed with glossy plastic coating and cotton strings.
Size: 33x23x9 cm
Paper: 200 grams
  • Carta Patinata Lucida
    The coated paper is obtained by spreading on its entire surface a coating formed by a set of chemical pigments and binders. In this way the printed colors stand out more. For this reason, the coated paper is used for jobs where it is required the best color results The choice between glossy or opaque coating is strictly personal. The glossy finish has an aspect that gives brightness.
  • Cordini in cotone
    Round twisted cords in cotton with standard plot. We produce them in various colors and in different diameters. The effect of this material with respect to the polypropylene is a more soft and natural one.
  • Quadricromia
    The four-colour is the reproduction and printing in four-colour of an illustration, obtained by selecting (that is dividing) the original according to the principles of subtractive synthesis in the three primary colours yellow, cyan (blue) and magenta (red). A reproduction obtained by this process is called "tri-colour". Generally, however, to the three primary colours is added a fourth colour, black, with the aim to obtain more details and a better contrast of the image; hence the term "four-colour".

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