Between past and future

It's 80's when Berto Berti took over the company in which he had worked until then as an employed. So, the BMB Astucci starts its progressive climb, an excellence of Made in Italy built on instill of survey, preciseness, unlimited patience and passion for the packaging art.

The mold's awesomeness follows that one of the handmade's expression that, day by day, evolves, explores, supports oneself, get know through products of high quality. Up to increase day by day the number of the employed and arriving at the present with a charge of human resources deeply specialized.

The ultra thirty year company's story marks also the passage from an autoreferential commerce to one that increases datum points, ideas and molds. Berti, soon, adjusts to the new logic of usage and taste well reading the material's ductility and its unexpressed potentialities.

In 1992 the businessman was the first one who bought a wrapping machine from a Tuscan company which is leader in equipment's production for packaging.

The plastic chase makes way for the paper chase, more adaptable and declinable to different levels; also the stock disappears with its strict sketchiness made by colors and shaped prêt à l'emploi. As the fashion industry, the artisan section of BMB has to think "wearing" the chase giving expression to its various identities.

Now, the package is the itinerant message be up to communicate the material's appeal and the client's importance.

Between past and future
Interdisciplinary character

Interdisciplinary character

The BMB Astucci, in respect to the trade, places itself as an operational core where get converge different productive categories. To the Tuscan company every sector, from fashion to jewelry, passing by perfumery and gastronomy, hands over its own creativity in a collaboration and integration logic. So, the company establishes its modus operandi on dialogues and on an organizational model which sees different realities to contribute to the product's realization.


From generation to generation

The cultural heritage, Berto Berti's and his wife Silvana's handmade, hands to their daughter Isabella and to her brother Simone.

Though remaining active the BMB Astucci forefather, the real motor drive is given by the company's young people, who is always ready to appropriate new slants and to absorb the workforces which can easily “mold” the message. In continuous pending boom, the Berti's conduct a know how in the artisan sector that teaches and confirms the company among the few situations specialized craftmade that still being in Italy.



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