Paper Bags

High quality papers, packaging papers, for your publications, for traditional and digital printing; papers for projects which, for the moment, are just an idea.

Here you can find all our products, weights, colors and types of natural and coated papers, special papers, colored papers, parchments, glossy, embossed and pearly. Need anything else?

Cordenons Group develops and produces creative & technical papers offering the international market over 2,500 different products for target and application.

It has always dedicated important resources to the research and development of innovative and original papers to give immediate response to customer requests and always keep up with current trends, offering excellent quality made up of technological content and creativity.

We left Italy and traveled a lot. We have brought the typically Italian aesthetic taste to homes, studios and companies around the world.

Every time our paper is touched, looked at and lived, we want you to feel the emotion of a product with infinite possibilities: we want to see the artisan touch for every detail, as well as our effort to seek ever more ecological solutions.

Creating beauty through innovation, transforming paper in an ethical and sustainable way. Raising the refinement to art and making the sheet of paper something unique. Expect uncompromising quality from ourselves.

Passing down from generation to generation the values of ethics, culture, dignity at work, sustainability that have always animated the women at the helm of Icma.

Producing in Italy and giving our customers an experience of warmth, passion and taste for beauty typical of our land. To be the benchmark for customizable, eco-sustainable creative papers and reinvent them with the “Renaissance” circular economy service.

Fontana Grafica has been a company specializing in the supply of high quality coating materials for over 40 years.

Thanks to the partnership with Winter & Company, we offer a wide selection of papers, cardboard, special papers, canvases, luxury fabrics and consumables for the graphic arts sector: printing, publishing, bookbinding, paper converting, packaging and luxury packaging, displays and small leather goods.