Made in Italy

The importance of tradition

Being able to combine innovation and Italian tradition "gesture", believing that the product quality needs to be established on unique competences: this is the BMB Astucci strength.

In Made in Italy and in the esteem of the artisan talents and of the ancient instruments, the company recognized the benefit regarding the competitiveness.

In this economic source at national level, the Berti family built its knowledge aiming for the best possible result.

The importance of tradition

An entrepreneurial itinerary which looks at the equipment and at the men as two complementary elements and as a capital in which invest.

Resources like the Heildeberg printing machine, able to hot print in gold or silver, punching and shearing off the paper in the required mold, are important and necessary in the same way that the specialist's manual skill in paper and cardboard industry and typography which is committed the row materials assembly.

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Environmental responsibility