Strong Points

Internal production cycle from A to Z
Internal production cycle from A to Z

Every aspect of the production cycle is developed internally

Recycled materials
Recycled materials

100% Green for a happier world

Fast deliveries
Fast deliveries

We are able to produce and deliver in record time

The ingredients of success

Here you are the successful ingredients of a company which builds the offers basing on client's desires, step by step. A work for commission which permits to obtain unique answers and always originals. Thanks to the great variety of molds the BMB Astucci is able to satisfy every request, guaranteeing the reuse of the product (boxes, pochettes, shoppers, etc..) and therefore the material quality.

Some numbers

The company has 3 members and 16 workers of whom 5 employed during these last years.

Two types of manufacturing: We can produce on the average about 25 thousands pieces per day (more than 3 millions pieces per year) in little molds until the 16X16 cm.

Bigger molds: thanks to the recent purchase of high technology equipments is possible to offer to the client new types of molds and dimensions.


BMB Astucci is a company located in Signa in the province of Florence, founded at the behest of the founding partner Berto Berti, who is still at the helm of the company. Our company designs, creates and sells boxes and everything that is complementary to them.

Taking advantage of the highest professionalism in the company and with the collaboration of the best graphic studios of our region we can provide a complete project both in the estimate phase and during the execution phase.

Our primary intent is attention to customers, guaranteeing competence, experience, professionalism and the use of top quality materials. From the beginning of the relationship and for its entire duration, we will never stop advising you on the best, providing you with complete information and directing you to the most suitable choice for your needs.

We constantly have large quantities of raw materials in stock that allow us to produce and deliver orders in just 30 days from the date of approval of the draft. Being manufacturers, the very wide range of models produced does not allow to keep large quantities of goods in stock. We work on request by requesting a minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.


All our products are rigorously Made in Italy and accompanied by FSC certification.

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